Fellas, there’s two types of women you should never date: Your neighbors and your co-workers. The Reason Why? Because they understand your area and they learn where you work! That isn’t good news whenever you date a female and ascertain there is a cure for you as several.

There is nothing worse than being forced to confront him or her each day at locations where should-be secure, calm and drama-free. Certain, chances are you’ll carry on some torrid love affair with a co-worker, but these relationships rarely function. Then you are compelled to feel uneasy for this person.

Soon enough, you can expect to dread transporting the sofa up out of bed each day to go to the office, and you will start thinking about locating a fresh job entirely.

For the time being, company romances trigger distractions, resentments and an overall sense of disruption towards the office ecosystem. Certain, that hot gal in bookkeeping might be providing you the eye, but simply take a pass. Might thank me personally over time.